Frasseck & Freitag are a producer duo from Zurich. The musical paths of Andreas Freitag and Lars Frasseck crossed in 2008. The two links a long friendship which put forth mutual mixes and remixes. Since 2012 they have also produced mutual tracks. In the meantime both started a family, which brought calmness and maturity into their life. This is reflected in the studio through a retrospect of their own musical paths.

Their first collaboration “Tango En Mi Casa” led them to the roots of Tango Argentino. On “Mosaic” different varieties of electronic music were explored. Their latest EP “Silver Traces” released on Traum Schallplatten is a fine mixture of House and Techno with notable Dub and Detroit influences.

Currently Frasseck & Freitag can be heard with Jetlag on the Tour de Traum XXIII compilation by Traum Schallplatten.

Silver TracesCalcutta

La MosaiqueTango En Mi Casa



Jumper (feat. Aves Volare)

Calcutta Ganesha Edit – Radio Version

Silver Traces



Silver Traces – Carsten Halm Remix

Trip De France

Tour De Traum XXII

Rainy Day

Tour De Traum XXI

Far Away

Tango En Mi Casa

Pete Not In The Hive